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Thoughts On Peter Casey And Centrist Politics

Thoughts coming from the recent presidential election which gave us an important insight into Irish society, we are not immune from the rise of the far right.

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Today I would like to speak to the rise of the right that has happened in Europe and America.

The main reason behind this shift to the right if we look for common threads, include countries that experienced mass immigration, and countries that experienced corrupt elitist socialist or centre left governments.

It seems to me that the crisis we face is one of corruption, whether it was the corrupt socialist government in Brazil, or the elitist Democratic Party in America that lost touch with the working class people and didn’t even remain centre left in the end, it ran like a liberal Conservative party rather than centre left or left wing in any sense. In Sweden where a centre left government governed over a very equitable society for decades, again the perception is that the social democrats lost touch with the ordinary people and had become elitist.

The trouble with coming up with a solution based on, I know, what will solve everything is to vote my team, vote far left/socialist and we will fix everything, vs vote far right and WE will fix everything, is how short sighted it is. At the end of the day first of all, I would question whether any socialist party on the far left today is saying if you vote for us we will dismantle capitalism and we will seize the means of production, meaning all of the factories or in today’s era call centres in the country going into government ownership. And if you call yourself a socialist that wouldn’t seize the means of production I would argue you are a social democrat, not a socialist. But besides that at all, it’s never a solution to fight the polarisation of society with the adopting of even more extreme and polarised ideologies. The whole point here is to form a democratic government, and a government only made up of far right and far left with no centre, can’t operate. Most likely can’t even form a government, and if it does, will be wracked by chaos and an inability to get anything voted through.

The other point to this is, let’s say you have a totally homogenous government pretty much, but there is a big far right presence within an otherwise left/far left government that doesn’t need their vote to force things through, who wants to run a country like this, with riots on the street? The problem is that outside your door the far left and right are armed and fighting. You will end up in a marshal law situation. The whole point here is that the centre is needed to join people together.

And I’m not saying this as a member of a team by the way, I’m not saying vote for this centrist party that will solve everything. I’m saying regardless of whether you are left or right wing, you should try and elevate and help along the centre aspect within your own tribe.

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